Essence, tradition and Argentine cuisine

All the Argentine essence now to take away too

Call us and ask for whatever you want. All our menu available

Grilled tastes better.

The best meats roasted on firewood and charcoal

Make your book on our new terrace

Unique space facing the Mediterranean

Argentine restaurant in Santa Pola

Unique space facing the Mediterranean from where you can enjoy its calm and total presence. Service and sun, meats at their point and flavor, wood of the good work of our grill. The experience of a new kitchen that is incorporated into the local tradition. Let yourself be taken into our care space and environment, with unique views of the Mediterranean, and to be part of the experience of our stoves.

The best national and Argentine meats

Roasted on the wood and charcoal of our Grill.
Ribs, vacuum, tenderloin and entrails, sausages, empanadas and pancakes are made a new tradition every day.

Argentine essence in the Mediterranean

Enjoy the best Argentine gastronomy with unique views of the Mediterranean. A place where you can learn about our Argentine roots and history, and where you can taste the best Argentine and national meats.

Ethnia Memorial

“Ethnia” is a small tribute to the first inhabitants and original peoples of South America in the current Argentine territory, with which we try to present another of the origins of our Argentine essence and incorporate new nuances into our flavor list.



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